James G. Soto


Not Just the Usual Game Mechanics

Each package includes articles that frame the battle in the historical context of the time. Why were these events important? Who were the heroes? What were dramatic events were occurring in the new World?


Production and Fullfillment

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Contemplating the La Bataille System

 The La Bataille System has been around now for more than a third of a century. Yet, does it remain only remotely understood by the thousands who have savored its intricacies and have been seduced by its potential? My  purpose will be to consider what I believe to be paramount in the  evaluation of the system—that the system is not merely the means to  recreate a few battles unfortunately long forgotten by the mass of  humanity, but rather the system is an opportunity to experience the  world that was The Age of Revolution and its natural successor, The Age  of Napoleon. 

Napoleon Commits the Guard at Eylau

What would have happened if Napoleon did not have this reserve?