La Bataille de Jena 1806 (Prusse 1806)

Jeff Capuano reviews the Jena Battle : from the French in doubt, to a decisive victory

Unboxing Prusse 1806

Jeff Capuano reviews the contents of this four game package showing the maps, counters and other items inside.

La Bataille de Saalfeld 1806 Playtest

Watch Eric Holmgren and James Soto ( ME) fight the opening battle of the campaign of 1806. Louis vs. Lannes

La Bataille d'Hassenhausen - Part 1

Renowned game critic Jeff Capuano, provides a complete review of this historic battle. This includes an analysis, at decisive time intervals, as he work his ways the the options for both the French and Prussians 

La Bataille d'Hassenhausen - Part 2

Part 2 of 4

a Bataille d'Hassenhausen - Part 3

Prussian Heavy Cavalry Charges!

La Bataille d'Hassenhausen - Part 4

The game concludes unsatisfactorily with a draw. Reinforcement delays,  overuse of cavalry (who, me?), and poor Prussian decisions cost them any  chance at victory. Sounds familiar...